Commercial Solutions

Commercial Solutions

NVTS provides expert professional tree services to industrial and commercial businesses, local and national institutions as well as construction and landscaping firms. We specialize in large tree removal, pruning and crown reduction as well as providing detailed, case-specific advice. 

Employee information(safe pass, certs etc), health and safety policies and insurance documents are made available to download through our website. Our  experienced team is fully qualified, insured and offers competitive rates to get the job done.


Hotels operate around the clock with a constant flow of people on their premises. We provide an efficient and safe service to minimize the disruption to your business. We are experts in dismantling trees with technical rigging systems which eliminate damage to property and landscapes. We are fully equipped to deal with trees located in confined spaces and/or which may have awkward access. Our wood chipper, trucks and leaf blowers will ensure all premises are left in immaculate condition before we leave.

Industrial and Commercial Businesses

Whether it be the grounds of a large industrial plant or a local small business, our company is kitted out to take on projects of any scale. Our knowledgeable team can provide detailed advice on management of trees and landscapes. We approach jobs in an efficient and professional manner to ensure minimal disruption to your business and will leave your premises in a neat and tidy condition once we’re finished.


It is important for children to have access to trees and nature. But sometimes trees become dangerous as they age or through storm damage and therefore it is important to manage trees in close proximity to schools and school yards. As with all our jobs we take health and safety very seriously.  We have barriers, cones and tape to cordon off working areas and, if necessary, will provide a safety officer to ensure the safety of everyone in proximity to the work site. Work may also be carried out during mid-term/holidays or even weekends if required.


Our company is fully equipped to take on council projects. We have the technical skills and equipment for roadside clearance, tree removals and pruning. We have all required signage and traffic control systems as well as traffic management plans to safely work on public roads. All our equipment is tested regularly by a LOLER approved inspector. Our team is fully qualified and provides efficient professional services at the highest standard. We are also available for 24/7 emergency and storm damage response.


Trees can be a nuisance to builders and can often cost them time. Roots often get in the way of foundations and neighbouring trees can also pose problems to buildings and access. We offer comprehensive site clearance (including stump grinding) services as well as providing advice on retention and future management of trees. Our reliable team will execute the job in a professional and efficient manner to allow for any disrupted building to commence as soon as possible.


Although landscapers can manage the bulk of tree removals and reductions themselves they may need assistance to deal with some larger trees. Our team has the equipment and technical skills to handle trees of all sizes. We offer wood chipping for green waste removal as well as cutting wood for firewood and/or removal.