Our Services

Pruning and Crown Reduction

Large and small trees need maintenance to keep them in top condition. Routine work carried out by our trained tree surgeons can not only extend their life span but also keep them in good health.

Dangerous Trees

At some point in their life large trees can become very dangerous and may need immediate attention by trained tree surgeons. No Tree is beyond us from felling we have the skills and equipment to meet all of your needs including crane removal.

Habitat Protection

We feel strongly here at N Vaughan tree services that our woodlands should be preserved and extended as much as possible. Our new technique of habitat creation can lessen environmental impact and is an alternative to removals.

Roadside Clearance

We provide a range of solutions for roadside clearance including removal of overhanging branches and cutting back hedgerows. We are fully equipped to safely set up and carry out work along roads with our traffic management plans.

Stump Grinding

Full stump removal services available.

24 Hour Call Out Service

We offer 24 hour availability for emergency call outs.